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Rubicon Pharmacies is your succession solution.

Do you have a succession plan for yourself and your business? Do you want to deal with an organization focused on legacy preservation as part of the succession process?


Driven by the values of independent pharmacy, Rubicon Pharmacies is the leading independent pharmacy operator in Canada.  With a hundred combined years of retail pharmacy experience, The Rubicon team knows what it takes to be a customer focused business, treating employees with respect, and maintaining your legacy in the community.

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Pharmacy Owners

You have worked tirelessly to build up your pharmacy business. Like you, we want your customers, patients, and community to feel confident that they will continue to receive the same excellent care and service they have grown accustom to. We understand all the hard work that went into your business, and we want to preserve that legacy.

We have a number of options for pharmacy owners that are looking to sell their business, or are looking for a change.

  • Sell your business, and enjoy a smooth transaction and closing process, knowing that your legacy continues, and your business is in good hands. We have extensive experience in sales and acquisitions, and have legal, accounting, and human resources to help get your deal across the finish line.
  • Sell the business, and take a step back from the stress of full ownership. We have support and resources that can take a lot off your plate. This lets you operate the pharmacy, shifting your focus to patient care and services.
  • Exit the business on your terms. Sell the business, but remain as a staff pharmacist, with full or part time opportunities. We want to work with you to find the best situation that works for both you, and the business.
  • Don't see an option here that covers your plan? Connect with us, and we will work together to help you reach your succession plan goals.

You have built a great team, and your business is important to the community. We want to help!

We care about the business you have created, the people who work there, as well as your dedication to the community.

  • Your staff are important. They have helped build the business, and your customers and patients have come to rely on them. We don't want your pharmacy to experience any distruptions, or setbacks that come from staffing changes. We work with you to ensure your staff feel comfortable during the transition.
  • Your community is what matters most. Your reputation, service and relationships have made the business successful. We want to preserve all of what you have accomplished, and build on your reputation, and relationships. We continue to grow your business, which your customers already value and trust.

We focus on care before commerce

When we say we are different, we mean it. We have a unique business model that isn't just all about the bottom line.

  • We invest in the business you have built. This includes training, access to resources, a support team, technology, and renovations.
  • We want all our stores to be successful, and you get support that helps grow the business.
  • We have amazing members in our Rubicon network that are happy to share ideas and successes. We have ambassador groups, in all areas of pharmacy that you can participate in. We all work together to drive our businesses forward. When we place the emphasis on care, the commerce always follows.

Our Resources

As we continue to grow and expand, we have built a very successful business model that allows for pharmacy owners to sell their business, and focus on patient care. We have support services that help relieve the day-to-day stress of running a business, such as

  • Pharmacy Operations
  • A Dedicated Operations Team
  • Human Resources
  • Training & Development
  • IT Support
  • Accounting Department

Contact us

Whatever stage you are at, whether it be just looking at options, gathering information, or you are ready to sell, a phone call with us can help assist you in the process.

We also know that succession planning for the business you have dedicated your life to building can be an emotional experience. At Rubicon, our goal is to be the purchaser of choice for vendors looking for a fair deal and a professional process. All conversations and correspondence are kept strictly confidential.

Whenever you are ready to explore your succession plan, please connect with Dwayne or Terry.

Dwayne Hoffman

Chief Development Officer

I have been working in the retail pharmacy industry for 27 years, 15 as controller of a smaller multistore owner group and then the last 12 as CFO for Rubicon Pharmacies. Being involved in over 75 acquisitions and divestitures, I am keenly aware of the challenges faced by store owners as they work through their succession plan. They are concerned for their staff, the legacy in the community as well as receiving fair value for the business they have dedicated their lives to.


At Rubicon, our goal is to provide business owners the opportunity to achieve that succession plan addressing all of these concerns.

Terry Stychin

Chief Executive Officer

I am proud to support the leading pharmacy organization in Canada. Our mantra "Care before Commerce" uniquely positions us in the Canadian pharmacy space. Our future growth plans include acquiring stores right across the country.


Our goal is to engage pharmacy owners early in the succession process to ensure we can maximize the value in your busines. Call us today!

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