Store Operator / Pharmacy Manager

Pharmasave #415
Biggar, Saskatchewan

Term: Full Time

Category: Store Operator

Competition #: 22-587

Rubicon Pharmacies is seeking a Store Operator/Pharmacy Manager to lead their team at Pharmasave #415 located in Biggar, SK! The store is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6:00pm and Saturday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. There is the ability to work part-time or full-time hours!

This position will oversee the entire operation of Pharmasave #415. They will manage a staff of skilled pharmacists and pharmacy assistants. They will be a leader within the community and drive pharmacy services to better serve Biggar and its surrounding area. This position will ensure profitability through effective budgeting, inventory control and promotional activities.

We offer competitive employment packages, including benefits & pension, and added incentives for certain markets.  Rubicon strongly supports internal movement across and upward in our growing network.  We believe in helping you achieve your career goals, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance at the same time.

Rubicon is a growing company with over 100 locations throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  Rubicon operates its stores within the Pharmasave, PharmaChoice, Value Drug Mart, Remedy’s RX and IDA franchise systems.

We provide our teams with an extensive support network, and a variety of clinical programs, best-practices, and tools to succeed.  Investing in innovations such as central-fill models and automated dispensing technology, allows local pharmacy teams more opportunity to focus on providing personalized, patient-centered care, while building adherence.  Rubicon has embraced practice innovations and will continue developing programs and services to support our local pharmacy teams.


OBJECTIVE: This manager-level position is responsible for overseeing fulfillment functions to ensure the operation provides high quality care and customer service, and operates efficiently through optimisation of its human, physical, and financial capital within the framework of legislative requirements, and Rubicon policies and programs.


  • Participate in initiatives to achieve strategic objectives
  • Maintain systems to measure improvements in quality, cost or patient care
  • Follow and promote the Rubicon policy manual to inspire a working environment that attracts and retains talented, committed and engaged employees
  • Participates in self-development activities related to current job function or future career growth
  • Promotes the Rubicon brand through publishing, presenting, and participation in industry associations to improve brand awareness.
  • Participate in initiatives to achieve strategic objectives
  • Follow and promote the Rubicon policy manual to inspire a working environment that attracts and retains talented, committed and engaged employees
  • Ensure customer expectations are met

Along with the above-mentioned job responsibilities, the Store Operator is required to focus on the following essential items:

            Corporate Liaison

  • Operate the store within the guidelines and objectives of Rubicon.
  • Participate in setting financial operating budgets and policy objectives with Rubicon both on a long term and short-term basis.
  • Ensure proper record keeping, reporting and timely communication with the Rubicon Accounting Office.


  • Ensure that the pharmacy is operated in accordance with all provincial and federal regulations.
  • Set operating guidelines for the pharmacy in co-operation with all dispensary staff.
  • Ensure that all OTC’s and non-prescription products are merchandised in accordance with provincial regulations.

Dispensing – all dispensing functions performed by the pharmacist must be carried out in accordance with provincial regulations and standards of practice.

  • Receive written, verbal and refill prescription orders, ensuring legality of such orders.
  • Determine the drug, strength and dosage to be dispensed.
  • Consult and maintain the patient’s prescription profile, as required by provincial regulations,
    ensuring that no interactions will occur.
  • Supervise and personally check where necessary, all dispensing duties carried out by a
    pharmacy assistant.
  • Personally, check the original container, prescription container contents and prescription label.
  • Ensure proper recording of prescriptions, including narcotic, controlled drugs and poison records.
  • Courteously advise the patient regarding directions, storage and precautions required. Provide
    additional counselling as required.
  • Offer information and recommendations regarding OTC’s and non-prescription products.

Clinical - Rubicon Pharmacies is committed to the advancement of the profession of pharmacy. It is our hope that all of our pharmacists assist in and promote the professional development of the profession of pharmacy through the offering of medication reviews, community based and individualized clinical interventions, such as the PACT program for smoking cessation.

Store Operations

  • Operate the store within the guidelines of the applicable Franchise or Membership Agreement and Operating Store Standards.
  • Establish store policies; adapt the Operations and Employee’s Manuals to reflect such policies.
  • Ensure all existing and new staff adhere to store policies. Take appropriate actions for an violations of store policies.
  • Specifically establish store policies regarding cheque authorization, returns, complaints, store security and employee discounts. Delegate such responsibility to Pharmacists and/or responsible staff members.
  • Ensure the Front Store Manager and Pharmacists understand policies and procedures delegated in the Store Operator’s absence.
  • Carry out or delegate responsibility for cash handling, daily reports, banking and deposits.
  • Supervise or delegate supervision of lottery operations.
  • Ensure proper store opening and closing, security alarm activation and all day-end procedures including daily computer data backups.
  • Ensure proper store maintenance, building security and all store cleanliness and general housekeeping guidelines are followed.
  • Support and effectively utilize the services of the Rubicon’s Merchandisers during both regular calls and special projects.
  • Ensure that the store projects a warm, friendly and service oriented image to customers.
  • Establish a good relationship within the business community.

            Pharmacy Personnel

  • Ensure that the pharmacy is at all times under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist.
  • Ensure that all pharmacists perform job duties in accordance with the Pharmacist job
  • Ensure all pharmacy technicians perform job duties in accordance with the Pharmacy Technician job description.
  • Co-ordinate work schedules for all pharmacy personnel.
  • Supervise all pharmacy personnel in day to day operations or delegate such supervision to the pharmacist on duty.
  • Follow recruitment policy and procedures as set out by Rubicon’s Human Resources department.
  • Provide new employees with an orientation regarding wages, benefits, store policies and job functions.  Ensure all new employees read the Employee’s Manual and sign the Policy Acknowledgment Letter.
  • Train or delegate training of new employees.  Ensure employees remain motivated and enthusiastic.
  • Maintain employee personnel files in conjunction with the accounting department.
  • Follow the performance review process as determined by Human Resources.
  • Ensure that all staff wears complete uniforms (and care for them properly), name tags and proper footwear, and are suitably groomed.  Replace worn uniforms as necessary.
  • Supervise, provide leadership and develop a team spirit.  Conduct regular staff meetings for both effective communication and employee motivation.

Inventory & Record Keeping - Pharmaceuticals

  • Maintain adequate inventory levels of all pharmaceuticals utilizing an inventory control system to avoid over and out of stocks.
  • Order, or supervise ordering of all pharmaceuticals including regular orders and purchases direct from the manufacturer.
  • Utilize a purchase order system or other order record system for all pharmaceutical orders.
  • Ensure proper pricing of pharmaceuticals. Maintain pharmaceutical supplier price lists.
  • Monitor outdated stock and supplier returns, to ensure proper credit is received.
  • Maintain proper records for narcotics, controlled drugs and poisons. Keep a current record of narcotic inventory to be used in the event of a robbery.

Maintain an adequate inventory of pharmacy supplies, such as labels, vials, bags etc..

Professional Image

  • Ensure that the pharmacy is operated professionally at all times. To include courteous customer
  • service, patient counseling and OTC recommendations.
  • Ensure that all areas of the pharmacy are clean, neat and professional.
  • Professional liaison with the health care community including local doctors, nursing homes and hospitals.

Inventory and Buying – Front Store

  • Ensure Front Store Manager carries out their duties efficiently and effectively.
  • Ensure proper inventory control in all departments as per budgets and preferred supplier programs are followed.
  • Set budget, buying, inventory and pricing objectives in co-operation with the Front Store Manager; work to maximize gross margins.
  • Set promotional objectives and work with the Front Store Manager to set up promotions; Ensure proper ordering and set-up of the sales.
  • Develop an awareness of the competition and marketplace; Carry out changes in promotions, product mix or merchandising to keep up to date.
  • Perform the duties or delegate the duties of the Front Store Manager if such a person is not employed or in their absence.
  • Ensure invoices are checked against purchase orders.
  • Ensure that all shrinkage is controlled in areas such as returns, paid-outs, internal and external theft, and proper pricing and receiving guidelines are followed.
  • Arrange for annual taking of inventory and subsequent analysis of results.


  • Degree in Pharmacy.
  • Licenced to practice as a pharmacist in the province.
  • Pharmacy management experience preferred.
  • Participate on an on-going basis, in continuing education programs for professional development.
  • Professional image including pharmacy uniform, name tag and proper grooming.
  • Professional attitude and ability to communicate well with customers, co-workers and suppliers.
  • Must possess a valid driver’s licence.