Pharmasave #428
Melfort, Saskatchewan

Term: Full Time

Category: Store Staff

Competition #: 21-52

Pharmasave #428, located in Melfort SK, is currently accepting resumes for a full-time Shipper/Receiver position. This successful candidate will be expected to 40 hours per week. 

The Shipper/Receiver associate is responsible for various Front Store duties such as handling customer transactions and merchandising of products. This position will contain job variety and the successful candidate will work at the cash register as well as stock shelves and keep the aisles neat and tidy. They will spend a majority of their time receiving all incoming orders and organizing the stockroom. This position will also assist the Front Store Manager when needed in numerous front store tasks such as training, ordering, etc.

Applicants should possess superior communication and customer service skills, a strong work ethic, and blend well as part of a team.



OBJECTIVE: To co-ordinate the receiving, marking and paperwork for all incoming orders. To keep the stockroom organized. To assist with housekeeping, putting out stock and merchandising.



  • Receive all incoming orders using correct receiving procedures as outlined in the Employee’s manual.
  • Utilize and maintain the POS receiving program, receiving stamp and in-store requisitions. Co-ordinate all inter-store transfers.
  • Check off and mark all orders using correct procedures as outlined in the Employee’s Manual.
  • Ensure all information, such as quantity, cost and retail price are correctly entered in the POS computer.
  • Maintain proper inventory files, purchase orders and claim forms, in co-operation with the Front Store Manager
  • Check all invoices against purchase orders prior to approval. Claim any discrepancies in cost, quantities or terms.
  • Instruct other staff if necessary, in correct receiving procedures to be carried out in the Shipper/Receivers absence.


  • Organize the stockroom including the marking table, incoming orders, overstock, seasonal goods, shelving and store supplies. Responsible for maintaining and ordering all marking supplies.
  • Ensure proper stock rotation of overstock. Establish a periodic clear out policy for the stockroom.
  • Organize all returns and assist in locating supplier returns for sales reps.
  • Handle damaged goods and shipping as outlined in the Employee’s Manual.
  • Ensure proper stockroom security.
  • Perform the duties of a Sales Clerk as needed.


  • Acknowledge and greet all customers with a smile and hello. Maintain a warm, friendly attitude towards all customers.
  • Keep an eye open for customers who require assistance. Remember! Customers always come first.
  • Develop and utilize selling techniques including features/benefits, closing and companion sales.
  • Develop product knowledge and learn about new products. Know product locations and store layout.
  • Use tact and courtesy when dealing with difficult customers. Know who to refer a customer to if they have complaint.
  • Inform the store manager of all customer complaints, comments and concerns regarding customer service, prices, merchandise etc.
  • Pay particular attention to store security. Follow store policy regarding the handling of shoplifters.


  • Learn and utilize proper merchandising techniques such as shelf label placementstock rotation and facing. Maintain specific sections as allocated. Notify the store buyer regarding merchandise out of stocks.
  • Count inventory as advised by the Front Store Manager.
  • Carry out housekeeping duties, ensuring that the store is kept clean, neat and professional.  Night staff are to sweep floor every night and mop as required.
  • Keep checkouts clean and neat, allowing sufficient room for customers.
  • Maintain adequate stock of checkout supplies including bags, staples, till tapes and ribbons, raincheck, charge, and refund forms.
  • Keep busy and productive at all times. When cashiering, identify tasks which can be performed between customers.
  • Carry out additional duties as delegated by the Front Store Manager and Pharmacist/Store Manager.


  • Some cashiering or retail experience preferred.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and courteously with customers.
  • Mature and co-operative attitude.