Sales/Cosmetics Clerk

Tellier Pharmacy
Bonnyville, Alberta

Term: Full Time

Category: Store Staff

Competition #: 19-448

Tellier Pharmacy, located in Bonnyville, AB is currently accepting resumes for a full time Sales/Cosmetics Clerk position. This successful candidate will be expected to 40 hours per week. The usual shifts will be Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturdays from 10am to 6pm and Fridays from 12pm to 9pm.

The Sales/Cosmetic Clerk is responsible for the Fashion/Cosmetic section ordering all fashion items and cosmetics for the store. They will also be responsible for inventory control and merchandising duties such as setting up displays and ensuring all stock is properly priced. It is important their team is knowledgeable about following proper merchandising techniques such as stock rotation and sequencing.

Applicants should possess superior communication and customer service skills, a strong work ethic, and blend well as part of a team. Preference will be given to applicants with previous experience in retail sales.

Only those that qualify for an interview will be contacted.


OBJECTIVE: To develop and increase cosmetic, giftware and clothing sales through displays, promotional activity and personal selling. To maintain department profitability through proper buying, pricing and inventory control.



  • Determine suitable product mix and place all wholesale and direct orders.
  • Review all orders with sales reps prior to approval. Utilize a purchase order and claim form system for all transactions.
  • Maintain adequate inventory levels of all cosmetics utilizing an inventory control system to guard against overstocks or out of stocks. Count all major lines once a month, for inventory and thief control. Contact sales reps if orders are needed between calls.
  • Organize supplier returns. Resolve returns prior to orders being placed. Mark down dead stock on a regular basis to avoid accumulation of inventory.
  • Carry out price changes and updates as required. Check prices of local competition on key items.


  • Set up seasonal displays and decorating.
  • Change corner and top displays regularly (at least once per month).
  • Ensure a strong signage program. Change regularly.
  • Arrange countertops and displays in an uncrowded manner. Ensure the cosmetic area is kept dusted, clean and free of boxes and clutter.
  • Face sections on a daily basis.


  • Organize ongoing creative promotional activities to generate excitement and increase sales.
  • Negotiate with suppliers (and the help of the store buyer) co-op monies to be applied to cosmetic advertising.
  • Offer regular in-store specials (approx. 4 per week).
  • Develop community involvement to increase exposure.
  • Develop an industry “awareness” including competitor’s activities, display techniques and product lines not stocked.


  • Greet all customers and create a warm, friendly environment. The emphasis is on serving customers, before putting out stock, merchandising, ordering and sales reps.
  • Practice selling techniques to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. Keep other store staff aware of new cosmetic products and promotional details.


  • Ability to communicate clearly and courteously with customers.
  • No experience necessary but preference will be given to candidates that have previous retail or fashion/cosmetic experience.
  • Must possess a valid driver’s licence.